Central United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Endicott, New York
Pastor's Corner

It’s September again! Our program year is gearing up again and our ren·o·vateCentral  project is underway and picking up steam. (If you are wondering about the particulars, check our July-August newsletter). You will see all sorts of things happening here in the building in the next few months, including the start of the Organ restoration project, and some very fine repainting and refurbishing of space.

We’re also taking a look at programs and possibilities. One of the projects under renovation is our Summer’s-end extravaganza party—previously known as the Sunday School Carnival, which was primarily targeted for kids.

Not this year! With the goal of forging strong connections in the community and increasing both our visibility and welcome in the village of Endicott, we are expanding the reach of this event to persons of all ages. Moving it to our Rally/Homecoming Sunday (September 9) following our 11am worship, we are throwing a block party for the entire neighborhood. Music, fun games, free food, and fellowship are the order of the day, making this an incredible opportunity to meet our neighbors and show them what a wonderful place Central is, and how amazing this community of friends and family can be. As you can imagine, this kind of event is an effective way to build relationships, which in turn is vital for growing our church.

Also, as you might surmise, this will require the participation of as many persons as possible. Imagine the impact of 50 or more Central friends and members coming together to set up, clean up, and operate this party and to be present with our neighbors in fellowship and conversation…imagine what relationships we could build! I encourage each one here at Central to consider being part of this fun day as we begin our new program year. There are signups available; please add your name to increase our reach. It’ll be a great time, I promise!



Still in One Peace,