Central United Methodist Church
Friday, June 22, 2018
Endicott, New York
Pastor's Corner

Everybody has a faith story. They may not be able to recognize it or articulate it, but everybody does. Too often, our faith feels abstract, tied to an ancient book and not always like a living thing, and we can get discouraged about it: What does something so old and dusty have to do with my life? Why bother with something so abstract and archaic? What does it have to do with me?

The thing is, our God is not tied to a book of scripture, nor to stories of the dimly lit past.  Our God is always of the past, and the present, and the future. There is no beginning, no end, with God.

What does that mean for us? It means that the story of each of our lives is unfolding all the time, and God is always present in that unfolding. For some, this is a little intimidating; for others, it is comforting. We should be mindful of it; however it makes us feel, because it means that there is always possibility and potential ahead of us. I have known persons who felt that one mistake, one weak moment of wandering away from God, was somehow permanent. I have known persons who felt that God would never want them back.


What we desperately need to take to heart and know to be true is that our stories are always pregnant with the possibility of redemption and renewal. Each of our stories has a happy ending, whether we can see it or not, because God is always in it. 




Why not take some time, in the lovely freeness of summer, to try out your own faith story, with no pressure, no deadline, no goal besides to see what it looks like. Have you ever really thought about it? What does your faith story look like? Who have been the important persons or experiences along the way? Where has your faith journey taken you? Are you listening for the ways God is leading you forward?


Perhaps you will be able to name all the places God has been with you, and maybe, just maybe, you will find in the experiment that you are closer to God than ever before!

Still in One Peace,