Central United Methodist Church
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Endicott, New York
Central United Methodist Church, Endicott, NY

Rev. Dr. Michelle Bogue-Trost
Third Sunday of Advent
Dec. 13, 2015

Central United Methodist Church - Online Video

Greeting and Announcements Bill Carmine 1:00
Call to Worship - Lighting the Advent Candle Bill Carmine 1:00
"People Look East" Song # 202 1:00
A Time for the Child in All of Us Pastor Michelle 1:00
"We Wait" Chancel Choir 1:00
Isaiah 12:2-6 Libby Shelp 1:00
"Of the Maker's Love" Chancel Choir 1:00
"All Earth is Waiting" Song # 210 1:00
Pastoral Prayer & Lord's Prayer Passtor Michelle 1:00
Zephaniah 3:14-20 Carolyn Stanford 1:00
The Sermon Pastor Michelle 1:00
"O Day of God, Draw Nigh" Song # 730 1:00

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Isaiah 12:2-6The Message (MSG)

“Yes, indeed—God is my salvation.
    I trust, I won’t be afraid.
God—yes God!—is my strength and song,
    best of all, my salvation!”


3-4 Joyfully you’ll pull up buckets of water
    from the wells of salvation.
And as you do it, you’ll say,
    “Give thanks to God.
Call out his name.
    Ask him anything!
Shout to the nations, tell them what he’s done,
    spread the news of his great reputation!

5-6 “Sing praise-songs to God. He’s done it all!
    Let the whole earth know what he’s done!
Raise the roof! Sing your hearts out, O Zion!
    The Greatest lives among you: The Holy of Israel.”


Zephaniah 3:14-20The Message (MSG)

14-15 So sing, Daughter Zion!
    Raise the rafters, Israel!
Daughter Jerusalem,
    be happy! celebrate!
God has reversed his judgments against you
    and sent your enemies off chasing their tails.
From now on, God is Israel’s king,
    in charge at the center.
There’s nothing to fear from evil
    ever again!

God Is Present Among You


16-17 Jerusalem will be told:
    “Don’t be afraid.
Dear Zion,
    don’t despair.
Your God is present among you,
    a strong Warrior there to save you.
Happy to have you back, he’ll calm you with his love
    and delight you with his songs.

18-20 “The accumulated sorrows of your exile
    will dissipate.
I, your God, will get rid of them for you.
    You’ve carried those burdens long enough.
At the same time, I’ll get rid of all those
    who’ve made your life miserable.
I’ll heal the maimed;
    I’ll bring home the homeless.
In the very countries where they were hated
    they will be venerated.
On Judgment Day
    I’ll bring you back home—a great family gathering!
You’ll be famous and honored
    all over the world.
You’ll see it with your own eyes—
    all those painful partings turned into reunions!”
        God’s Promise.

The Message (MSG)

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