Central United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Endicott, New York

Video Ministry - How We Create Our Videos

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We Do it as a Team

The videos that Central's Video Ministry produces is the product of a dedicated team. Our members are of all ages and backgrounds. Each has joined without any special training or expertise, and have learned by doing. Our goal is to share the ministry of Central United Methodist Church with our congregation and the community using television and video. We have fun doing it.

On most Sundays we work with a team of four people. One person runs the PowerPoint. A second person operates the cameras.  The third person selects the camera input that will be recorded.  These two work together to anticipate where the next camera shot will be happening. The final person works the sound board. We maintain a schedule so that we can take turns recording the video.

Images and content help focus our worship

Every service has a focus and its own unique content. Pastor Michelle creates a PowerPoint presentation that helps guide the worship. A member of the Video Ministry operates a computer that projects the Powerpoint images in the front and rear of the sanctuary. The content includes: announcements, hymns, unison prayers and images that support the theme of the service.

We have two projectors in the front of the sanctuary. There is also a projector in the rear that serves the pastor, choir and liturgist. Many people read the words on the projector, but we still have hymnals for those who like to follow the music.

High Definition Remote Cameras Record our Service.

We use four remote controlled, high-def cameras. They are mounted strategically in the sanctuary. One of our team members uses a controller to aim and compose these cameras. The operator has 4 individual presets to choose from, or can use the 'joystick' to aim that camera toward almost any part of the sanctuary.

Our cameras are easy to use. They have autoexposure and autofocus. A very sensitive joystick allows the controller to pan and zoom the camera with a lot of precison. Having at least two cameras on every key event provides more visual interest to the home viewer.


Aiming the Camera

Another member of the team uses the 'switcher' to control which camera is recorded. A special monitor allows the editor to choose from any of the four cameras, as well as other computer generated media. He/she can also use Picture in Picture to add a second image to the recording. Using the switcher the editor can also send live camera images to the projectors. We often do that for close-ups of musical soloists or other special activities.


Getting the Right Sound

The fourth member is in charge of sound. The team uses a 32 channel sound board to mix the sound. We use wire-less and hard-wired microphones to blend the sound of performers. Some of the mics are mounted permanently out of the line of sight of the congregation.

Our 32 channel mixer allows us to record individual singers in our Praise Band, Living Water. We also support individuals that are hearing assist devices. These Telex units work with either a standard headphone, personal earbuds, or compatible hearing aids. You can find the hearing assist units by the Video Ministry control booth.

Making the Video Available to You and the Community

Our edited broadcast can be seen on Spectrum cable channel # 1301. It is shown the following Sunday at 8:00 am and Monday at 5:30pm. We also post the video on Central's webpage and Central's YouTube Channel. That video is available on demand. When watching our video online users can always use Closed Captions. That recording can also be paused and fast-forwarded to allow the viewer more control over their viewing.

Central's services can be watched:
  • On Spectrum TV 's  Channel 1301:  Sunday at 8:00 or Monday at 5:30 pm
  • By clicking on the VIDEO link on Central's web page
  • On Central's YouTube Channel
    • You can get notifications of new videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel.