Central United Methodist Church
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Endicott, New York
Staff/Parish Relations Committee



The primary responsibility of the staff/parish relations committee (SPRC) is to work with Central's staff so that the mission of our church is realized.  The SPRC is
responsible for all personnel activities involving the church's paid staff members.  This includes such duties as interviewing and hiring staff members, developing job descriptions, facilitating performance reviews, addressing interpersonal issues, and requesting the annual staff salary budget.  The SPRC also works to anticipate future staff needs.


How can everybody support our church staff?

Central is blessed with a staff that works diligently to provide a place of worship where people can learn about God’s love and continue their journey of faith.  The congregation can help by expressing our appreciation for the work that they do -- kind words or a short note are great ways to communicate support to a staff member.

Perhaps the best way to help our staff is to volunteer time to support an area of ministry.  When church members become part of the team, they give our staff, our church, and themselves the greatest gift of all.


What should I do if I am concerned about the performance of a staff member?

Central has a gifted and talented staff dedicated to serving God, our congregation, and our community following Christ’s example of loving labor with a servant’s heart.  We are committed to providing a harrassment-free and safe work environment.  The SPRC works to ensure any concerns related to the church staff are handled quickly, and with the love, care, and respect that is exemplified by Jesus Christ.  We seek to remove barriers that block effective ministry.  

Wherever possible, we encourage you to take the time to share your concern directly with the staff member.  Be specific, and avoid global statements.  For example, using the phrase …"it concerns me that you have been 15 minutes late to our last four meetings"  is preferable to …"you are always late!".  Be respectful, and remember to express your love and support as well.   
If the staff member does not resolve the issue, or if you cannot approach them directly, you can express your concern to the pastor and/or the chairperson of the SPRC.  The speed with which you move through this process should depend on the nature of the issue.  For example, if you believe that the staff person’s actions are likely to result in significant danger to themselves or others, you should very rapidly communicate this concern to the staff member, pastor, and/or SPRC chairperson.