Central United Methodist Church
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Endicott, New York
Worship Council


The primary responsibility of the Worship Council is to plan, organize, and monitor all aspects of the worship services at Central United Methodist Church. No small task, considering we have “sub-committees” that specialize in the following: Acolytes; Altar Guild; Beautification; Bulletin; several choirs; Communion Stewards; Eucharistic Ministry; Greeters; Lay Readers; Liturgists; Ushers. The worship council makes sure that all appropriate groups are aware of and participate in upcoming plans, and provides solutions to concerns and issues raised by these groups and members of the congregation regarding worship services. The Worship Council meets on the first Tuesday of each calendar month except July and August at 7pm as do several other program councils.


What special things is the Worship Council solely responsible for? 

Setting and managing to an annual budget; enlisting Central member participation in the Endicott Community Good Friday “Witness Walk”; Good Friday Prayer Vigil; hosting the Easter Sunday “Music Appreciation Breakfast”; preparing/serving 1 of the Wednesday night meals during Advent and Lent. 


How can you voice or concern or share your pleasure with the worship services?

Contact any of the council members. Council members are instructed to keep the source of your comments confidential. The council member will get back to you, if necessary, of what council decided to do with concerns which should also be documented in posted minutes (on bulletin board near “T” in main floor of the education wing) usually within a week after the council has met.


How can I tell what Worship Council is doing?

All are welcome to attend council meetings which is probably the best way to know everything being discussed. Meeting minutes are documented and posted on the bulletin board near the “T” in the main floor of the education wing.